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Each corn field has a potential for higher yields. Harvesting corn straw offers considerable benefits to any farmer pursuing a commercially successful business and looking to reduce their environmental impact. For the future there are some vital questions we need to answer: How can you increase your corn yields? How do you unlock the potential of your corn stover? Many times corn straw quality is high enough to enable an efficient way of re-using this valuable resource.


Optimum results are achieved by harvesting the corn and dropping the straw in a windrow. The Mais Star* Collect offers significant advantages over traditional corn harvesting methods. Keep your equipment up to date by making your harvest more efficient and sustainable. Make the most of your field!

Work results


  • Dual use of corn straw by dropping it in a windrow (see picture) or spreading it across the working width.
  • Excellent straw spreading quality
  • Perfect chopping quality at medium ground speeds

Stubble scene


  • Extremely short, uniform stubble

Increase your profitability


  • Maximizing bioeconomics

    The proportion of arable land is constantly decreasing, making it economically and ecologically desirable to process organic residues in the form of corn stover. New systems are opening up new sales potential and added benefit. The particular structure of the corn plant is ideal for producing foodstuffs, energy or even building materials.


  • Perfect humus balance

    Unused organic matter requires additional amounts of nitrogen. In the long term, this will lead to excessive humus content in the soil, causing problems in terms of poor nutrient release for the following crops. Large amounts of partially infected plant material will hamper subsequent crop protection efforts. Chemical control measures are expensive and time-consuming. The Mais Star* Collect harvest system treats the crop residues preparing them for further, environmentally safe use. The material remaining in the field will be enough to create a perfect humus balance and maximum nutrient efficiency.


  • Efficient work

    The innovative conveyor system drops the crop in a compact windrow underneath the combine. The threshed spindles and husks are placed on top of the windrow without ever touching the ground.


  • Harvesting stover

    Modern balers pick up the stover from close to the ground and efficiently compress it, providing optimum logistical conditions for subsequent processing.

    Forage harvesters equipped with a pickup head achieve great levels of productivity, delivering highest-quality substrates for anaerobic digesters. After the ensiling process, the material can be fed into the digesters without any further processing. Collecting the corn straw using a loader wagon is great for farms in small-scale regions where the crop is often used to feed young cattle or as bedding material.

Dual purpose for dual benefit


The operator opens and closes the auger in a few simple steps. This straightforward control system increases the machine's efficiency by reducing change-over times. It is also beneficial for contractors covering different areas of application. In traditional corn straw harvesting, the straw is windrowed in a second pass during which the straw is contaminated with soil, stones and debris, which may damage the following forager or increase machine wear.

Mais Star* Collect concept

Picking system

Work results


Dual purpose

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