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The Horizon Star* II concept


Two stalk rollers with different-sized diameters seize the plant and pull it downward in a constant motion. At the same time, another rotor fitted with rotary knives cuts the plant up into uniformly short sections.


This design ensures the plant is shredded during harvest, enabling faster rotting.



The horizontal stalk cutter is located in the front, side area of each row unit.


At full speed, this optimized location ensures the plant is cut close to the ground, resulting in a particularly short stubble that leaves no room for pest survival.

Work results


  • Excellent straw spreading quality
  • Excellent chopping quality even at high ground speeds
  • Eliminates the need for stover post-processing to enable subsequent tillage operations

Stubble scene


  • Extremely short, uniform corn stubble
  • Effective stalk splitting

Benefit from best-in-class standard specs


At Geringhoff, we provide state-of-the-art technology as factory-fit features. This means your corn head's standard specification will include a host of extra features. The perfect head is the first step toward successful harvesting.

You have the choice of colors


Design your Geringhoff corn head to your preference. Make your choice and select one of the colors shown below at no additional charge! Match your head to your combine's livery or simply choose your personal favorite.

Customized down to every detail

Each field has its specific characteristics and challenges. Our goal is to rise to these challenges and provide you with a head that results in maximum yields from your crop. Upgrade your corn head with our range of additional options and accessories.

Technical Data

Rigid Models

Folding Models

The figures specified for transport width and weight are approximate and for reference only. The figures in the chart are based on a standard-spec head with 30" (75 cm) row width.

Real-life values are dependent on the row width selected by the owner.


Use the following formula to calculate the approximate transport width for your non-folding head:

No. of rows × row width = transport width

Für Transport width und Weight können an dieser Stelle nur exemplarische Richtwerte genannt werden. Diese dienen der ersten Orientierung. Die Tabelle basiert auf einem Erntevorsatz in Grundausstattung mit einer Row width von 75 cm / 30“.

Die tatsächlichen Werte sind abhängig von der gewählten Row width.


Als Formel für die Ermittlung der ungefähren Transport width starrer Vorsätze gilt:

Rows x Row width = Transport width

Horizon Star* II concept

Picking system

Work results



Technical Data

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