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Harvest Star* - For maximum productivity


The Harvest Star* grain table sets the benchmark for grain tables folding technology. Its sophisticated coupling system is the result of focused development and reflects the cutting-edge technology applied throughout the entire head. The reel, cutterbar, auger, and transmission shaft couplings are fully automatic and self-tightening. Even in extreme conditions, this system has proven to be extraordinarily strong, reliable and durable.

Changing fields


The Harvest Star* grain table features Geringhoff's advanced and proven folding system. Time-consuming changeovers in the heat of harvest are a thing of the past now and your combine's productivity is boosted enormously. Not only does the folding system save time by eliminating the need to hitch and unhitch a trailer, it also saves money as no trailer is needed in the first place.

Folding in or out within minutes


The precisely synchronized folding process is based on a sophisticated coupling system. Geringhoff's automatic coupling system for the reel, cutterbar, auger, and transmission shaft couplings has proven to be exceptionally strong, reliable, and durable.


  • Changing between transport and harvest position takes no longer than 1 or 2 minutes.

  • This means for five to six field changes per day you will need no more than 12 minutes of change-over time!

No compromise in standard specs


No matter which model you opt for, Geringhoff's standard specification is a solid basis for excellent harvest results. Accept no compromise when you can have it all!

You have the choice of colors


Design your Geringhoff grain table to your preference. Make your choice and select one of the colors shown below. Adapt your head to your combine's color or simply choose your personal favorite.

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Harvest Star* - At a glance

Folding system


Technical Data

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