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Geringhoff has been a part of the farm equipment industry since 1880. To this day the company has been run as a family business. Over time, we have worked with many different farmers worldwide who have, along with the passionate commitment of our engineers, helped us develop solutions for any harvesting situation. The high level of experience Geringhoff has gathered in all these years has been passed on from generation to generation and today we employ this knowledge to benefit our customers.


Our service department strives to offer each customer personal advice and individual support which goes beyond the technical aspects of our industry. Many of our customer relationships have been lasting for two or even three generations now. This is the pinnacle of customer service to cater for their needs and challenges.

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Harvest time leaves no room for lengthy discussions. Our Geringhoff customer service is quick to help and easy to deal with. Many times our experts have assisted customers by simply speaking on the phone. This saves you valuable time and gives you room to focus on your true tasks.


Our excellent infrastructure ensures rapid on-site response to provide for smooth equipment operation when push comes to shove.




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